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Behppy iOS App

Take a minute and try to remember the last time you felt happy.

Perhaps everybody will put a different meaning into this term, but for me this is the moment when you suddenly realize that you like everything around you. And you don’t need to explain to yourself what it means. You just know that you are a happy person. I call it a state of absolute satisfaction - you are fully content with who you are, where you are, what you are doing and who is near you.

I remember having this feeling when I was a kid and my dad pulled me and my twin sister on a sledge at a furious speed—I struggled to hold on to the sled, never stopped laughing, and sleet was pouring under my collar making me freeze and scream even louder. Or when on a warm summer night I was lying on a big rock in the middle of Crimea together with my friends from camp, looking at the sky, drinking homemade wine and talking about nothing. Or when I got my first job, or finished drawing an oil painting for my nephew, or swam in the San Francisco Bay, or—in recent moments—a  home-party together with friends.

There are a lot of happy moments in our lives and we just have to learn to recognize them. The interesting thing here is that once the happy situation is finished (for example, the party is over) you get back to your normal life and you may realize that you are not fully happy with that life. You become worried about tomorrow’s meeting, an appointment with a doctor, or your to-do list. And this is a tricky situation—nothing has changed in your life but you’ve stopped feeling happy.

Thinking happy makes us significantly happier and we just need to recall such happy moments more often. I believe that our new project will help you with this.

I am proud to introduce you the BeHppy—your personal happy place where you may inspire and get inspired by anonymous users from around the world.

I am really happy that our team had a chance to work on this project and I hope it will help you to recall and share small and big happy moments in your life and feel happier every day.

Download BeHppy app in AppStore.

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Colorboost – a Color and Music Therapy iOS Application to Help You to Relax and De-stress

If you have never heard about color or light therapy perhaps you may be quite sceptical about our new project. It is called Colorboost and this is a mobile application that incorporates some of research findings and methodology of color therapy into handy mobile interface. In a nutshell this application will help you to either uplift or relax and calm down. Better results could be achieved when sessions are repeated daily over a period of around one month.

We were very excited when a nine-time Grammy nominee, pianist and composer Peter Kater agreed to license his music to Colorboost. It appeared that Peter is very familiar with color and music healing and has a great interest in writing music for these kinds of therapies.

If you already love Colorboost please go and download it in the AppStore. If you want to know the story of how we created the app or you need an explanation on why color therapy helps please read this post.

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Case Study: The Colorboost iPhone Application Design and Development Story

Switzerland-England startup challenged us to bring a color therapy treatment practices to mobile and to build an app that allows to experience color and music therapy on the go.

Seasonal depression has become a very common problem nowadays, in the UK and Switzerland in particular. The sun in these countries sometimes does not shine for up to 1 or 2 weeks, so that no light enters into the body. As a consequence, psychological illness manifests, mainly in the form of depression, which, according to chromopathy studies, is curable without any use of tranquillisers.

Colorboost applies modern scientific methodologies of color and light therapy and offers a daily ten-minute session with a nice animation, smooth color transitions accompanied by music. In a free version of the app you will get just 30 seconds of the color session with one color of your choice. A full ten-minute session and all variety of colors are available with in-app purchases.

In the app you will find a bunch of cool animations. If you are completely apathetic to colortherapy it is worth it to download the app just to see them :)!

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iTunes Connect
 Sales and Trends in AppStore. Quick Manual for Beginners

This is a quick manual for iTunes Connect sales statistic. It is based on an official Apple’s guide and focused on the main information that you as a product owner would be interested in a first place.

Sales and Trends on iTunes Connect allows you to:

  • View sales within a selected time period;
  • Group your sales data (for example, by territory);
  • Filter sales by one or more values (for example, by content title and transaction type).

Top content

Top Content Page shows sales information for all of your applications if you have many in your account. Tab “Units” shows the number of downloads of your app, tab “Proceeds” – your sales statistic.

The graph displays your data according to your chosen date range, group, and filters. To download the data currently displayed by the graph, or copy it to the clipboard, click the download button in the upper right of the graph.

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SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup: App Stickiness. How to Never Lose a Single User, Apr 23 in San Francisco

Statistics show that 96% of apps you have on your smartphone will not be there in a year. You wonder why? Well, they just don’t stick. At our upcoming meetup we are going discuss “app stickiness” and what really makes users come back to an app again and again.

Our speakers will present two different sides of the coin:

  • Mike Rollins, Lead Engineer at Flurry. With their cutting edge technology, Flurry powers one out of every four apps downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play each day.
    Mike will talk about mobile analytics and how it helps entrepreneurs understand users better.
  • Siqi Chen, co-founder & CEO of Heyday, a mobile startup featured by Apple in Editor’s Choice and highlighted among the best iOS apps of 2013 on TechCrunch.
    Siqi will share his experience on using analytical service to increase user retention.

Meetup details:

  • Date: April, 23 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
  • Place: Life360, 539 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA
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Stanfy Newsletter: Make Sure The World Knows About Your Mobile App

Competition on the mobile market is huge and your ability to drive app users growth will predetermine either you succeed or fail. So in our new issue we highlighted the ideas on getting featured by Apple, search optimisation tactics, and applied user acquisition strategies.

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Get on Apple’s Radar

First of all, let’s try to understand how Apple makes a choice. There are two angles to it. There is an Apple’s App Store editorial board that reviews apps by category and, on a weekly basis, distinguishes the greatest apps (as we’ve mentioned before, this means new, innovative and the ones that promote the iOS platform), and there is a word of a mouth.

Understand the editorial board

Two things to keep in mind that might influence the editorial board:

  1. Tailor your app to the seasonal selections Apple uses within the App Store. For example, in December you will notice the Christmas and New Year apps in top of the list, where is September is back to school and back to work time when many productivity apps spring up.
  2. Working on BiteHippo, we managed to update the app for iOS7 and app was immediately noticed and featured by Apple in the What’s Hot in Productivity. If you can combine launching your app (its update) together with a public release of the new OS, your stake definitely goes up.

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Blood, Sweat, and a Great Product

In the previous post Why and How to Get Your App Featured on the App Store we’ve started a discussion on what it takes to get featured by Apple. Now I’d like to focus on the the first component of the winning formula and elaborate more on building a quality product.

Building a good product is much more than just coming up with a bright idea. It’s a journey that will require lots of efforts and resources along the way. And only the best ones will make to the top.

What does a “great product” mean for users?

Firstly, the user experience. Competition in the App Store is crazy (there are about 1000 apps submitted for review every day). Even if a user downloads your app and launches it, you will have just a few seconds to make the first impression. Many apps fail to impress users, hence, according to Localytics report 22% of downloaded apps are only used once before being totally abandoned. You will not have a second chance to make a first impression.

Secondly, a product that aims to solve a specific problem. Make it focused, useful and useable. Whether it’s a convenient calorie tracking app or a cool PDF reader, try to become the best at one very specific area. Seek and address specific pain points. Identify the problem you’d love to work with and build a solution for it.

As you can see, most of these come out of design. It’s crucial to have a good designer on board. Founders at Realmacsoftware who had at some point amazed us with their Clear app say: “It’s increasin

gly rare for one-man development shops to get featured on the iOS App Store these days, but if there’s one thing that I’d advise it would be to reach out and hire the most talented UI/UX designer you can afford”. However, if you don’t have one or can’t afford a full time designer, you can also always refer to Dribbble and Behance which represent some great talents.

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App Store & Google Play Search Optimization Basics

There are around 2,000,000 apps in the App Store and Google Play, so making apps visible for potential customers is getting harder every day. Even if you developed a stunning product it doesn’t mean yet that downloads would increase rapidly. No doubts, ads and promo publications, in popular tech resources specifically, can achieve their goals in boosting the popularity of a given app. But millions of downloads are still made through mobile app stores. Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, predicts that the total number of app downloads will reach around 138 millions worldwide this year. Therefore, higher ranking in the App Store’s search can provide you with more downloads and the right App store optimization will help you reach this goal. So, what is app store optimization?

In a few words, app store optimization (ASO or search optimization) is a set of methods for optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in app store search results to become more visible for potential clients and, as a result, ensure more downloads.

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