Bluetooth Low Energy: Security Issues and How to Overcome Them


With the rapid growth of the wearable technology market and the Internet of Things, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) a.k.a. Bluetooth Smart has become the de-facto standard for all kinds of devices, from smartwatches to beacons and connected cars. The protocol, however, appears to be prone to serious security issues developers need to be aware of when designing new hardware and software solutions.

Potential harm of the data from a wearable device getting in hands of wrong people is quite significant. Although many users would share their workouts and movements publicly in social networks, others are much more privacy-conscious. Celebrities and corporate executives are usually among the latter group, as well as people who just don’t want everyone around to know about their health issues or everyday commuting routes.

Recent research has shown the situation with privacy protection on wearables is not as good as it should be, however even simply being aware of the issues can significantly lower the risks. Continue reading

Stanfy MadCode Webinar “How to test Web API using SoapUI”

Stanfy MadCode Meetup

We’d like to invite you to our upcoming MadCode webinar. It’s a monthly event hold by Stanfy team for knowledge sharing about mobile development. This time Oleg Nikiforov, QA Engineer at Stanfy will talk about the use of SoapUI in testing of Web API. Webinar will be held in a format of a live demo of SoapUI in action. Event will take place on July 1, at 19:00 EEST.

Key points:

1. Why do you need to test Web API if you develop mobile applications.
2. How SoapUI can help you in testing of Web API.
3. Live examples of things you can test in Web API.

Register here

Stanfy Has Been Named One of the Top Wearable App Development Companies

At Stanfy we’re proud to be among the leaders of the mobile industry and to help businesses leverage the benefits of wearable technologies. Our high quality standards and extensive experience in UX/UI design and software development  was recently confirmed by the independent technology research firm Clutch.


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Remote User Research & Usability Methods to Gather Important Insights Fast

Recently I had a chance to speak at the UX Strategies Summit, the three days conference on UX in San Francisco. I have shared our approach for remote user studies and talked about methods for effective remote user research, tools and techniques for conducting remote usability studies, tips on embedding user studies within an Agile development process.

Here is my presentation with more details.

Smart Home in the Apple World: First HomeKit Devices Available Soon


With Apple’s smart home management platform HomeKit reaching the home stretch, now is a good time to take a closer look at the first compatible devices to appear on the market. The WWDC’15 conference brought a few interesting announcements and clarifications on how the platform will be working and what it’s going to be working with.

First of all, what can we expect from HomeKit in general? Basically it is yet another framework to provide a common language for all smart the smart devices in your home, but it will also allow to manage them using voice commands by leveraging Siri.

After iOS 9 is released later this year, the users will be able to get the most out of HomeKit. It will also Apple TV, which is supposedly to “as an intermediary when you’re issuing Siri voice commands to your home from a remote location.”

Here are the first smart home appliances coming to the market that will be compatible with the framework. Continue reading