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Build - Measure - Learn - that’s how we develop iPhone applications. It is not just about coding, it is a solid process of analysing basic needs, creating a clear User Experience (UX) and delightful graphical design, making it perfect in code and then improving it based on feedback from users.

iOS services

Stanfy has years of experience in building custom iPhone applications and has it down to a science. We are a strong team of professional developers and designers, offering full-cycle app development services.

Our team of experienced iPhone app developers and designers works closely with a client at all stages of the project, starting from ideation and idea validation, and encompassing UX/UI design, engineering, testing and publication in the AppStore.

Our happy clients are the best proof of our expertise.

Award Winning iPhone App Designers

Design is not just about graphics. Understanding specific business goals, who your users are and knowing their pain points are what determine all further decisions.

We specialize in creating perfectly designed, intuitive and interactive native iPhone applications. Our passion is for excellent design and pixel-perfect execution, as well as rich user experience.

We create apps that are remembered and loved by users. We believe that perfect design and exceptional user experience make our iPhone apps stand out.

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Expert iPhone App Developers

Swift is the new rule for iPhone app developers and we’ve mastered it.

swift ios

At the same time, Objective-C is there for a lot of different things along with plain old C in cases where performance is extremely critical.

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Engineering for us is also about being creative and efficient:

  • Quality is the responsibility of the entire team including developers (TDD is awesome here);
  • Continuous integration (CI) helps to make sure all checks are executed and nothing is missed;
  • Periodic (nightly and weekly) build delivery to product owners and customers keeps expectations in sync.

If you know these keywords, you know what we know: CocoaPods, Reactive Cocoa, MVVM, CoreData, Alamofire/AFNetworking, RestKit, XCTest, FAstlane and much more.

Agile and Scrum are not just buzzwords for us. They work in custom software development and help our teams release regularly, keep expectations in sync and quality high and stable. Have doubts? Talk to us.

Award Winning iPhone Apps

Together our approach and experience in iOS app development have resulted in compelling products that have received numerous awards and were featured by Apple and downloaded by millions of users.

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Our Approach

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

First we define an initial concept of your app that meets your business goals and satisfies users' needs. We dig deep into your business objectives and work together to bring the core problem to the surface. Once the problem is identified we conduct a brainstorming session to solve it. We think big and move fast, we bring cutting-edge mobile and wearable design experience to your project.
UX and Visual Design Phase

UX and Visual Design Phase

When we have defined an app concept and understood its target audiences and main use cases, it is time to go to the design stage. Here we work on interactive user interface (UI) wireframes which allow us to examine app usability and interactions and through several iterations achieve the best user experience (UX). Once we are happy with the UX and UI we create a beautiful, unique visual design for your app.
Development and Release Phase

Development and Release Phase

In development we stick to the Agile approach which allows you to get a working product very early and be able to iteratively improve it. We believe in people over processes, deliverables over extensive documentations, and close collaboration to create an excellent product. As soon as you're satisfied with the current version of the app we launch it in mobile or wearable app stores.
Continuous Improvement and Support

Continuous Improvement and Support

We are ready to work as your partner and consultant to guide you through the whole process of app development, starting from ideation, UX, design, engineering, and continuing through to publication in the market and further support. Once the app is launched we are ready to continue to work with you very closely to ensure its continued success and user satisfaction.