Magic Face
The Pebble app that helps to make a difficult decision easier!

Wearables continue to conquer the tech market all around the world and our goal was to create a cool app for a smartwatch to try a new platform and to check its potential. We decided to start with something simple and fun - to incorporate the idea of a Magic 8-Ball into Pebble’s interface.


It took us less than a week to create our first Pebble app. Magic Face brings old good Magic 8-Ball onto your Pebble watch screen and with an easy tap or shake of the hand you get a magic prediction. Magic Face additionally shows the time, battery level, and bluetooth connection. The whole process of creating the app was like a trip in a time machine to the era of C language and dichromatic black and white palitra in mobile design.

Pavel Bashmakov, Own project
Pavel Bashmakov, Own project
Reinventing the prepaid mobile experience.
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Challenge Accepted
Challenge your friends to fun and simple competitions.
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