Colorboost is a daily color and music therapy application to cure stress, anxiety, depression and diverse headaches without drugs.

It has been proven that color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Color does affect our feelings and emotions and very often a lack of light contributes to depression. We collaborated with the Colorboost team to create an application that would have a healing and relaxing influence on people and allow them to experience color and audio therapy whenever they have time for themselves.


Colors are medically known for their powerful influence on people - some help to relax, some energise, some have a calming effect or give serenity. Colorboost offers a series of a daily therapy sessions with audio and visual effects created based on scientific research. Each therapy session lasts 10 minutes and guides the user with a gentle animation, smooth colors and music to either uplift or relax and calm. The application is free and offers in-app purchases for additional options. Music for this application was created by a nine time Grammy nominee, pianist and composer Peter Kater.

Dr. Marina Thomas, Switzerland based startup. Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. Marina Thomas, Switzerland based startup. Co-Founder and CEO
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