Challenge Accepted
Challenge your friends to fun and simple competitions.

Have you ever found yourself telling a friend, "I bet you..." followed by some intriguing claim, whether it was your favorite sports team winning or you holding out for a week without chocolate? The problem is, how often do you actually remember to keep the score and hold on to your promise? Our aim was to create a mobile app that helps you easily track and share the everyday challenges that you make with your friends.


The "Challenge Accepted" app for iPhone helps you not only track your fun bets and challenges from your friends, but also challenge yourself and accomplish even more than you could expect. Social integration makes it extremely easy to engage and support your friends on the way to their achievements. Starting the project, we were actually aiming at sports fans who might be interested in betting on a sports team to win. However, in the course of the project, we realized how broad the nature of betting is, and extended the app for a much wider audience.

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