BeHppy is an anonymous network that facilitates and promotes happiness

Thinking happy makes us significantly happier. However quite often in a modern busy world we are too occupied to stop for a moment and to notice happy things around us. Our goal was to create a minimal viable version of an iPhone app to create a happyness network that will help easily capture, consolidate and access your happy moments anywhere and anytime.


Some happy moments are disseminated on multiple platforms and sometimes just forgotten, some events are too personal to share openly. BeHppy allows you to build your personal happy place with your favorite photos and thoughts and get inspired by others’ happiness. You may capture your happy moment and share it anonymously with the community, or engage with others by smiling or replying with your own happy posts. BeHppy will inspire you and will help you become happier.

Aline Godbout, CEO of FlexYourHappiness, Inc.
Aline Godbout, CEO of FlexYourHappiness, Inc.
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