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Java Backend Developer

Stanfy is a development studio of 24 awesome people who work together with customers on creating problem-solving products. We know how to combine code with design and bring to our users beautiful, technologically strong mobile & IoT apps.

Through more than ten years we’ve created a lot of great products and most of them you can find in our portfolio. We have a huge engineering experience and share our open source tools with the community to simplify the development process and to make it productive and fun for everyone.

We are based in Kyiv, also have the office in SF, but the main working place is under our fingers, so remote is a normal practice for our team.

We also take part in many conferences and meetups, run our own MadCode webinars that gathered more than 400 developers in Ukraine.

Btw.. Have you seen our commits graph?

We are looking for a professional and willing to learn person to join our team and build outstanding products. Now when you know us, it’s time to describe what we expect from you to be done:
  • Creating and architecting a highly configurable plugin based system
  • Quickly identifying how to query information out of and cause state changes to 3rd-party back office systems via available APIs or connections
  • Modeling data structures for holding data originating from various 3rd-party systems in a unified fashion
  • Maintaining and extending REST-based and WebSocket-based APIs
  • Maintaining Java development best practices
Job requirements: 
  • 3+ Years of Java development Experience
  • Experience developing enterprise web applications using Java and industry standard frameworks
  • Solid knowledge of Java build systems (special focus on Gradle)
  • Experience designing secure systems (experience with PCI environments is a plus)
  • Experience developing web service servers and clients (SOAP, WSDL, XSD, XML, ReSTful, WebSocket, etc)
  • Strong understanding of containerization concepts and experience in using Docker for building images and deploying containers
  • Experience crafting fault tolerant systems
  • Familiarity with Android platform and readiness to help other team members with Android development
  • Writing tests must be your everyday practice (both unit and integration tests)
Strong pluses:
  • Ability to efficiently learn new tools and systems
  • Experience with any or all of CXF, DropWizard, Ratpack, Guice, JAXB, Jackson, Gson, Joda
  • Understanding of service discovery concepts, familiarity with Consul
  • Experience in other Java based languages (Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, etc)
  • Familiarity with other programming languages and platforms (Go, NodeJs, etc)
  • Ability to understand Python systems (Flask, etc)
  • Experience with micro-services architecture

Join us if you want to build great quality products, try and use new technologies and approaches, participate in all phases of development and not be stuck with single technology or role!

Send us your story and CV to or just ping @stanfy_UA in Twitter!

If you have public code repositories (@GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.) we'd love to see them! Share your experience with us and let’s talk!

How to apply?

Send your resume, portfolio links and anything else that will make you stand out to

Our R&D Office:

Kyianivskyi Ln 3-7, office 4-2 Kyiv, Ukraine

tel. +380 44 374 51 08

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