Why Stanfy Goes to Silicon Valley

Early in 2009, we created our first mobile application for the iPhone. In those days, we were really impressed by the new experience and new opportunities that modern mobile apps could bring to this world.

Stanfy was the first company on the Ukrainian market to begin to design and develop mobile apps for the local startups and businesses. We fostered the development and growth of the Ukrainian and Russian market of mobile apps and helped the first companies to adopt this new technology to their businesses. We have worked with mobile carriers, media companies (print, TV and Internet), e-commerce, startups, music and health companies. It was a really fascinating path!

We were able to create awesome mobile apps for Ukrainian and Russian businesses because we have always strived for the best—the best UI/UX practices and cutting-edge engineering technologies.  We have been working with our great customers who demanded us to do our best all the time, to do even more than we could. We continuously learned from our competitors, from our clients and apps that broke TOP of mobile marketplaces.

We are engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. And we have found that it is much more efficient and fun to create awesome products while working with industry leaders and in the leading ecosystems of new technologies. We must be a part of the most innovative and progressive technology ecosystem in the world: Silicon Valley. This is where the Computer Revolution started and spread across the world, knocking from door to door, and this is where the Mobile Revolution disrupted the world.

That is why, this year, we decided to focus all our passion and efforts on working with US customers. We already have adopted all our processes and approaches to suit this ecosystem and its standards.

Stanfy strives to be a part of this parade of technology and to make this world a better place to live.

This is a big step for us, and we are excited to bring our creativity, passion, ideas, design and engineering expertise to US companies.

Keep going!

Pavel Bashmakov, CEO at Stanfy

May 22, 2013