Things to Сonsider when Hiring an App Developer

For any mobile application development company, hiring is an extremely important part of existence, which can get painful if done wrong. Thankfully, there’s plenty of advice shared over the Internet about where to look and what to do when considering someone for a mobile app developer position.

In fact, there’s more advice on this topic than one can possibly get through in a sane amount of time, so we have used our own judgement and experience in order to get a comprehensive yet brief summary of the best practices in hiring an app developer.

Be active and inventive

Good mobile app developer is a rare beast, and chances to find one on a general-purpose job board like Monster are next to nothing. It’s even less likely to hire a good programmer if your activity doesn’t go further than creating a job posting on your company’s website. The fact is that the gal or guy you’re after is not looking for a job at all, so you’ll have to use more sophisticated tools to hunt them down.

First of all, forget about traditional job boards and recruitment agencies and try looking at professional communities, from LinkedIn to Github to StackOverflow. Don’t forget to use your own network, and make sure that all your friends and colleagues know that you’re hiring. After all, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all today’s jobs are found through networking.

Another part of being active in your search is to make potential candidates come to you, but not necessarily for a job interview. Think about hosting a meetup or hackathon that would be interesting for good app developers to attend, and you will have a chance to talk casually to quite a few tech specialists and see if they’d fit in your team.

Think globally

It sounds very obvious, but don’t forget that the more candidates you attract, the bigger are your chances to find the one mobile app developer you need. This means that you should consider extending your search beyond the boundaries of your city, country, or even continent.

This is especially true for companies based in geographic areas where demand for quality software developers is extremely high, such as San Francisco and Silicon Valley, New York City, and so on. In many cases, flying a good developer in from abroad is a much more viable solution than fighting over local ones with other companies.

Look at the code

Mobile app developer is a technology-heavy position, and you do want a successful candidate to be a good programmer, don’t you? The only way to ensure that is to prepare a technical test job to give every candidate. Think it through, do your homework — or, if your knowledge about mobile development is limited, find someone you trust to help you out.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of looking or having someone to look at the actual code of your candidate. You would be surprised to know how good a prospect developer could be in an oral interview and how bad at the same time they could be at actual programming. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Passion is the key

Best developers are passionate developers, this is something very few people would argue with. In application to mobile development, passion trumps experience in most cases, as experience is something one can get much easier than sincere excitement about the things they do. Also bear in mind that Google’s Play Store and especially Apple’s App Store can seem not very friendly to developers, so you really got to be passionate to make gazillions of changes in order to get the app to the store.

If you want to see the candidate’s real attitude towards programming, check their contribution to the community. The best way to do that is through profiles on Github or Stackoverflow and similar websites, as well as the candidate’s activity in participating in various hackathons, meetups, coding contests and so on.

Cultural fit

Last but not least, always remember that hiring a developer is part of the process of building a good team in your company, and you’re responsible for making sure that its members’ collaboration is as efficient and frictionless as possible.

To ensure that, think in advance of how the candidate you’re looking at would get along with your other colleagues. It doesn’t mean you have to look for a newcomer who’d be similar to the others in their lifestyle or views, it’s more about being able to respect people around — which is actually a general requirement for any team member, not only a mobile app developer.

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December 18, 2014