The Story Behind MyCalendar App for Pebble

In late 2015 we released an update to MyCalendar app. We’ve added a color support for Pebble Time and Pebble Round.

Animated usage of MyCalendar app on Pebble Time

It is already two years since we started developing apps for Pebble platform and we really like how things are progressing for third party developers of Pebble apps since then, with two new hardware platforms released and dozens of new software APIs including Mic support and Health API.
Below is a short story about how and why we started to work with the Pebble platform.

The first version of MyCalendar app was released in late 2014. It was black and white and designed for Pebble Classic & Pebble Steel. The application showed the next three events from your Google calendar. It also displayed a digital clock, the current date, battery charge and Bluetooth сonnection. No companion app required.

First black & white version of MyCalendar app

First black & white version of MyCalendar app

Why did we choose to focus on productivity? By being passionate about app development, we needed to keep our productivity high, so we decided to build a simple and minimalistic calendar app for the Pebble platform.

The Pebble platform was calling to us and we decided to start with something simple – “Magic Face” came out as a result, which was a simple Pebble variation for Magic 8-Ball.

Watchface of MagicFace Pebble app

Watchface of MagicFace Pebble app

We were adventurous about what else could be built on Pebble platform and came out with our MyCalendar productivity app.

MyCalendar app running on Pebble Time and Pebble Round

MyCalendar app running on Pebble Time and Pebble Round

It was an exciting experience and we would like to continue such experiments with various wearable platforms. The MyCalendar app has had thousands of downloads and remains at the top in the Pebble store in the calendar category. As active community members we’re intrigued by how Pebble is developing its platform with health and Cyrillic updates, and we definitely will contribute to these in the future.

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February 19, 2016