The Rise of Chat Bots: Useful Links, Articles, Libraries and Platforms

Updated on Apr 12, 2016: Added Microsoft Bot Framework, Skype Bot platform, Facebook Messenger and Alexa – it’s getting hotter in a bot space!

The rise of messaging apps and platforms with a decent API and fast moving players (such as Slack, Hipchat) created a good momentum for making some useful chat bots. Bots that can serve to specific needs from hailing a taxi, to scheduling meetings to conducting team standups.

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Along with the popular now messaging platforms, there are also other pieces of technology puzzle available for creation of bots, such as cloud computing, natural language processing (NLP) libraries, tools for machine learning/AI, as well as the spread of mobile as a personal computing device.

Below I’ve collected some useful links, articles, tools, references for the books that might help you in a fun journey of inventing your own bots. This is not a complete list but a great start for those scratching the surface of the field and start learning.

Messaging Platforms

Chat Bots Libraries

  • Superscript – a dialog system and bot engine
  • Botkit – a toolkit for making bot applications
  • HUBOT – a chat bot modeled after GitHub’s Campfire bot
  • Microsoft Bot Framework – easy to connect with Twitter, Slack, Skype, SMS and other channels

APIs in NLP and ML spaces

Natural Language Processing Libraries


Data/Knowledge Base

Useful Theory

Other useful links

If you know other interesting materials on chat bots development to be added to this list, just drop me a line on Twitter @bashmakov.

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December 28, 2015
  • Alex Sosnovshchenko

    Hi Pavlo, thank you for a nice list.

    I’ve recently created a chat bot for association game based on neural embedding language model, trained on >100Mb of natural texts. The code is here:
    Also I have some useful links to add to your list:

    Hopefully will be useful for someone.

    • bexcite

      Thanks for sharing it, great collection!

    • great work Alex!

  • Juan Pablo Solano

    Thanks for the collection.

  • Alexander Belskiy

    Great list! Pavlo, do you have any experience with building chatbots in your projects? Is there any trackable better feedback from users, then traditional interfaces?

    • bexcite

      Unfortunately we don’t have any data to share but we’ve seen from our experience the less layers of interface we make between users and feature the more likely user will use the feature. For instance, why I need to open App Store on my iPhone and search for app, download it and run? It’s much better to ask the question directly in a iPhone search field and have the answer right here in search result with details coming by click and app streaming from the cloud without any download/install flow. So the bots is mostly about eliminating the clicks between users and results without leaving the one common interface of the chat.

      • Alexander Belskiy

        Absolutely! We’re now also prototyping with the conversation based project, but the open question for me is how will users perceive dialogs with custom keyboards / preset answers versus pure NLP. I hope we could provide fun and efficient experience mixing these together, because on NLP side the user experience is still ambiguous, imho, even with the large guys (Siri etc.)

  • Kumar S

    Hmmm…interesting list. I however was thinking that you may want to include Engati as well. Engati is a chatbot platform that allows you to build, manage, integrate, train, analyse and publish your personalized bot in a matter of minutes. It presently supports eight major messaging platforms including messenger, kik, telegram, line, viber, skype, slack and webchat with a focus on customer engagement, conversational commerce, and customer service and fulfillments.
    Read more about it here

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