The Best iOS and Android Apps of 2012

Let’s remember good things happened in 2012. One of them are useful and nice-looking applications. To the end of 2012 App Store and Google Play made editor’s choice lists of applications, and The Next Web published the list of the most beautiful apps. Here are the best of the best.

Top iOS applications from Apple


 ActionMovie FX  has beep picked as the best iPhone application




 Figure is the second best iPhone app




  Rayman Jungle Run  is the Game of the year




Letterpress  is the runner-up game of the year



Also there’s plenty categories with winners in each, but we’d like to highlight Disruptive services – they offer the new approach how we travel, buy products, do our payments etc.:

Airbnb – service connecting travelers and people who have a place to rent



PaperKarma – helps to control junk paper mail and make a little step to save the Earth



   Square Wallet – innovative way to pay with your phone only



Full list of iOS top apps is available via link.

Top Android applications

Google Play made its own top-10 of the best apps of 2012 from all categories.


Pinterest – easy-to use application from the popular photo sharing service




Pocket – a full-featured offline reader, allowing you to save articles on paid sites




Fancy – essencial app for sharing your personal style




TED – application from world’s leading service, sharing talks and lectures from business gurus



You can find other top applications in a special Google Play page

Top of the most beautiful apps in 2012

The Next Web
made it’s own top. As the resource claimed, “This list not only profiles apps that are aesthetically pleasing, but also highlights apps that break the mold and help users get exactly what they need done, as quickly as possible”. Here are some of the applications:

Paper for iPad


Rehner calculator

You can find full list of The Next Web’s most beautiful apps here.

We’re constantly watching leading trends in design and UI as well as improve our experience. So we share this info with you and plan to proceed with the several posts in the nearest time. Stay tuned!

January 3, 2013