Stanfy’s 7 Birthday Party

Last month was notable not only for the EURO CUP 2012.  The main event for Stanfy team was  our  small anniversary – WE TURNED 7! Sure thing, this event was celebrated in a special way to meet our great spirit –  we went rafting.

Two splendid days, filled with laughter, water battles and festive mood, passed like a wink. From early in the morning till late at night,  we were sailing the quiet, calm and charming Desna-river. Even sitting in wet clothes in kayaks and rafts, we enjoyed the  truly mesmerizing landscape.

In the evening, after eating plenty of porridge, cooked on fire, we grilled vegetables, fish and meat. It was an exciting evening gathering around the campfire. Singing songs and chatting, we wrote down our best wishes for Stanfy and hid them in a special Stanfy’s Bottle. We agreed to open it up at our next birthday party. Exciting!

Two days passed like a shot, leaving a little burnt shoulders and faces together with pleasant tiredness. Yes, the party was really cool!

Happy Birthday, Stanfy!

July 30, 2012