Stanfy Turned 9 Years!

There is a place on the Earth where you will be surrounded by very talented and passionate people who care about what they do and why they do it, who strive to do the best they can every day, who love to be challenged by complex tasks and get excited when they need to do something new and challenging, who will be critical and honest with you but supportive and helpful, who are not perfect and make mistakes sometimes but always try to learn as much as possible from them.

We call this place Stanfy and the people who make this place so special are our team and our clients.

We have just turned nine and I would like to thank all the people who are shaping Stanfy, who are bringing their own personalities and passion to everything they do and who are making this place real.

My special thanks go to our amazing clients and friends who believe in our expertise, who entrust us with their ideas and businesses and who gives us opportunity to learn and to grow.

Due to non-disclosure terms I can’t publicly thank all of our clients. So the list below contains only a small part of the teams and people to whom we are really grateful!

  • Salim Madjd Co-Founder and CEO at AsthmaMD, for being such a great person and trusting us with your most ambitious projects and especially for the chance to build our very first application for iOS!
  • Lili Godbout and the whole BeHppy team for the opportunity to influence worldwide happiness
  • Lysn In team for the challenging tasks that have allowed us to become masters of audio and streaming on mobile platforms
  • Merriam Webster’s team who entrust us to create apps for the world famous game Scrabble and their big English dictionary app for Android
  • Association of the Mineral Water Producers for the chance to build a great application for the healthy lifestyle and that now has around 2 millions users worldwide
  • IMAX Movie Planet for the chance to build a really innovative application for the movie theatres
  • Brian Cavanaugh, Martin Scheidl, Alan Ellman for the recommendations and for coming back to us with their new ventures
  • Dr. Marina Thomas and Ella Marquis for the opportunity to bring color and music therapy to the mobile space
  • Kinopoisk’s team for trusting us with the mobile experience of their 18 millions monthly audience
  • AlterGeo’s team for the ambitious project, trust, and opportunity to learn a lot about geo-location on mobile
  • Kyivstar, one of the largest Ukrainian mobile carriers, and Marina Piskarjova, in particular, for the chance to build mobile apps that opened new opportunities for Kyivstar’s iPhone and Android customers.
  • John Huelskamp for a chance to build a beautiful app for travellers that will rock the AppStore soon!
  • Brandon Brock for the opportunity to create a social app for friendly challenges
  • Ramy Dodin for passion, enthusiasm, for plenty references and for coming to our New Year party! :)
  • Our big Voice partner from Silicon Valley for many reference and recommendation, honest feedback and opportunity to work on such interesting project!

We are proud that more than 6 million people all over the world use apps created by our team. More to come!

July 8, 2014