Stanfy team is joining efforts with Intellectsoft to build new AR services

Stanfy team is joining Intellectsoft

Today marks an important day for Stanfy. We are excited to announce that we are joining our efforts with Intellectsoft, Palo Alto based full-scale software development company, to build new and innovative services for our clients in the field of AR and Mixed Reality.

It’s been a great 12 years since we’ve founded Stanfy company in 2005 with the mission to push the limits of software development practices and write a great code while building the best team of professionals. We’ve changed 4 offices, started web development in web 1.0 era, graduated from the web development in 2.0 era and did a plenty of serious mobile app development projects since 2009.

We’ve built a distinguished culture in our office, work attitude and development approach.

We’ve worked with many companies from newspapers to TV channels, Mobile Carriers, Retail, Banks, major sports teams and well-known startups from all over the world.

During the last two years we’ve extended our expertise into IoT (connected devices and embedded Android), Machine Learning and AI for conversational interfaces and chatbots development.

It is time to make a next step.

We are joining forces with Intellectsoft to offer even more services to our existing and new customers. Same extreme focus on quality, deep involvement in product development and delightful UX & UI design combined with broader expertise.

Stay tuned!

July 11, 2017