Stanfy Opens an Office in the USA

Stanfy opens office in San Francisco

Conquering new markets is always a challenge. In 2005 when the company was just founded by three students of the tech university, they wanted to change the Internet with beautiful websites and reliable backends. That where it all begun.

In 2007, when mobile appeared on the horizon, the team made a pivot and switched to the native iOS and Android app development. Ever since mobile apps have been not only our main focus, but also our greatest passion. Over the past years we have created over 60 apps for media, PR, entertainment, e-commerce and many others industries.

After having worked with the major players in the Ukrainian and Russian market and foremost clients from Europe, we still felt that something was missing. We wanted something extraordinary, something new, something like a new challenge.

That was the time when we thought about the US market. We’ve always valued bright ideas, innovative approaches and excellence in performance. Perhaps, that’s why we couldn’t resist but gravitate to the hub to of cutting-edge technology and inspired dreamers.

“Entering the US market is a big challenge for our team. We are really excited to deal with new opportunities, meeting new clients, and  work on innovative products”, said Pavel Bashmakov, our CEO and co-founder.

Now we are happy to join the international tech community of Silicon Valley, people who not only believe in great products, but also make them happen. We are pleased to start working with a number of startups and companies which are aiming  to bring the best user experience to their client and make a change in the mobile market.

With no further hesitation, we can bravely say: “Challenge accepted!

Get ready for some great new mobile apps coming your way!

April 17, 2013
  • Anya, Pavlo, if roads lead you to Boston, the Eastern-coast capital of innovations, will be glad to meet you here. It’s just five-hours flight:)

    • Vitaly, glad to hear from you! I would love to visit Boston sometime :). Will definitely contact you if will be around. Take care!

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