Stanfy Newsletter: Make Sure The World Knows About Your Mobile App

Competition on the mobile market is huge and your ability to drive app users growth will predetermine either you succeed or fail. So in our new issue we highlighted the ideas on getting featured by Apple, search optimisation tactics, and applied user acquisition strategies.

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Make Sure the World Knows About Your Mobile App
Users are the most valuable asset for your mobile applications.It depends utterly on the user either an app lives long or dies fast. During last months we have examined many aspects of very successful apps and we are glad to share with you some tips and techniques that will help you to drive mobile user growth. In this newsletter you will find sound ideas on how to get noticed and featured by Apple; to capitalize on search optimisation tactics and apply effectively user acquisition strategies. Enjoy reading this newsletter!
How and Why to Get Your App Featured on the App Store
Since the very beginning, App Store, as well as many things related to Apple, has been surrounded with the cloud of mystery. How to distinguish your app among a million of other apps? How to win big in the App Store? How to get noticed and featured by Apple? Read more
Get on Apple’s Radar
First of all, try to understand how Apple makes a choice. There are 2 angles to it. There is an Apple’s App Store editorial board that reviews apps by category and, on a weekly basis, distinguishes the greatest apps (new, innovative and the ones that promote the iOS platform), and there is a word of a mouth. Read more
App Store & Google Play Search Optimization Basics
Millions of app downloads are still made through mobile app stores and Gartner predicts that their total number will reach 138 millions worldwide this year. Therefore, higher ranking in the App Store’s search can provide you with more downloads and the right App store optimization will help you reach this goal. So, what is app store optimization? Read more
How MailCloud App Reached its First 10,000 Users?
Malcolm Bell: I’ve read lots of other blogs and articles about building a user base. Many have very valuable insights and I wanted to share what we have learnt here at my startup Mailcloud in our first 2 weeks. Read more
Stanfy News

We haven’t communicated since the winter and during this time several interesting events have happened in Stanfy’s life, which we have a pleasure to share with you.

First of all, we are glad to present you our Simple Financesapp that in one click will help you view the full picture of your monthly expenses and control your budget to make smart savings. Download it for free and start managing your money right away!

Working in San Francisco, a world centre for tech innovations, we visited AppsWorld & DevWeek events to follow last trends in mobile development and implement best world practices in our prospective work.Also in February we held our third San Francisco Mobile Entrepreneurs meetup, at which professionals from different mobile segments had a chance to share their experiences on various issues of app user acquisition and growth.

SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup Summary. Practical Tips to Grow Your Mobile Audience
Our third meetup was dedicated to user acquisition strategies for your mobile startup. With hundreds of thousands of apps competing for the user attention in the mobile stores it is a tough challenge to make your app user base grow: how to share it with the world, how and where to find a sustainable source of customers. Read more
Stanfy Open Source Libraries and Tools for iOS and Android Developers
Working on the iOS and Android applications for our clients we constantly create internal tools and libraries that help us to speed up development and make it more efficient. For example, DyCI accelerates apps development in Xcode and AppCode environments; ObC-classes-visualizer shows how tight your classes are coupled. Read more
Dynamic Code Injection for Good
Hope you know what Code Injection is. In general, these words are used when we’re talking about security holes, exploitation of some bugs in the code or about some other nasty things happened. But not today. Today we’ll discuss how to use code injection to accelerate the software development cycle. Read more
March 19, 2014