Stanfy Newsletter. Development for Pebble Smartwatch

Wearables is one of the most popular themes for discussion in the tech world today. Both entrepreneurs and customers are eager to know if it is the new big thing or not. This issue we devoted to Pebble that is rightly considered to be the #1 choice among smart bands for consumers to answer the main question: “Should you develop for Pebble or not?”.
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Development for Pebble: Value for Businesses and Users
With the wave of popularity of wearable technology, we decided to move from theory to practice and – through testing of new platforms – make our own conclusion about their potential and possible use. 

In this issue we will share with you our experience, useful tips, and an analysis of upcoming trends in the Pebble market so you can take your own steps and create your first smartwatch app.

Having rocked the startup world two years ago with their super successful crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, Pebble quickly became a #1 choice among smart bands for consumers and created some serious competition for the market giants in wearables such as Apple, Google,Samsung and Amazon. Read more
With the recent release of our first application for Pebble smartwatch we started to think if our clients and their mobile projects will benefit from the creation of a smartwatch app. What is the possible value for the business as well as for the users? What is the potential return on investments? Read more
Continuing the overview of Pebble smartwatch market we’d also like to go further and give examples of interesting ways that mobile apps can use smartwatches to provide their user with a better experience. So below are the examples of iOS/Android apps that expanded their area of interaction with users via the Pebble smartwatch. Read more

Our Designer Oleg Sheremet shares useful tips that will help you to avoid the pitfalls in Pebble watch face design and make the process of development easygoing! Tip #1: Avoid frequent changing of the screen content, as it leads to a higher energy consumption. Read more
There is a place on the Earth where you will be surrounded by very talented and passionate people who care about what they do and why they do it, who strive to do the best they can every day, who love to be challenged by complex tasks and get excited when they need to do something new and challenging, who will be critical and honest with you but supportive and helpful, who are not perfect and make mistakes sometimes but always try to learn as much as possible from them.

We call this place Stanfy and the people who make this place so special are our team and our clients.

We have just turned nine and we would like to thank all the people who are shaping Stanfy, who are bringing their own personalities and passion to everything they do and who are making this place real. Thank you words to our clients

There are three important components of our work – the happy client, happy team and happy users. This project has all of them! We had a great pleasure to work on the BeHppy iPhone app and really delighted that this is mutual. In this video Lili Godbout, co-founder of BeHppy tells everything she thinks about Stanfy :). Watch video

The idea to create an app for wearables (especially for Pebble smartwatch or Google glass) sounded pretty interesting to us. We wanted to try new platforms and test their potential. Our first experiment with an app for Pebble smartwatch resulted in the Magic Face app for Pebble that was released on May 29. Read more

July 14, 2014