Stanfy Newsletter: App Stickiness. How to Retain Your Mobile Audience

If you already created a great app and got your first 1 000 users it is time to think how to retain and multiply your mobile audience. In this issue we will observe main strategies of users retention and share useful metrics that will help you to determine a “stickiness” level of your mobile application.

App Stickiness: How to Retain Your Mobile Audience
Latest analytics show that half of apps lose half of their active users just within three months after the launch. Shifting focus beyond downloads is a good first step towards success in mobile markets. In this newsletter we’ll talk about “app stickiness” and find out why some applications become users’ TOP choice and others are deletedwithin a few days following an installation.

You will learn “app stickiness” metrics and key features to be able to increase user retention rate considerably. So make yourself comfortable and get a big helping of useful new info!

Most mobile startups these day are very data driven. There is a myriad of mobile analytics tools to choose from that provide tons of data. So, how not to get stuck with vanity metrics and focus on what’s important? When thinking of app stickiness, there are four metrics that come in very handy. Read more
Once people become familiar with the product, we want them to stay with us for a long time as our loyal customers and generate revenue for the company. However, there’re quite a few steps to take, and many users give up for different reasons. Read more
With the changing business model for mobile app development due to the vast majority of app revenue coming from in-app purchases rather than paid downloads, it’s getting more critical to keep users engaged with your apps. Push notifications are a powerful strategic tool that helps to drive retention. Read more
22% of apps are used only once before being deleted. It’s a huge number considering that there is more than 1 million apps just in the App Store. It’s an average mark but it helps to identify the problem and find possible solutions. Shifting focus on downloads is a good start for app developers, when they only launch an application and want to grow user base. Read more
Spring turned out to be rich in good news that we сan’t wait to share with you. First, now you’ll be able to save even more happy moments of your life and share them with others with our new iOS project made for the happiest San Francisco startup, Behppy.

Second, you’ll have a relief from stress, anxiety, and depression right in your smartphone in the form of a color and music therapy application – Colorboost.

And last, but no less important, we’ve conducted our 4th meetup for mobile entrepreneurs in San Francisco where experts from Flurry and Heyday had shared their thoughts about the role of mobile analytics in increasing user retention rate.

Our last meetup for mobile entrepreneurs of San Francisco was dedicated to a really exciting topic: how to build a mobile product that people never stop using. Around 60 mobile enthusiasts joined us that evening to learn from Flurry experts – Mike Rollins and Alex Friedman, and a CEO of the successful startup Heyday, Siqi Chen. Read more

Take a minute and try to remember the last time you felt happy. Perhaps everybody will put a different meaning into this term, but for me this is the moment when you suddenly realize that you like everything around you. And you don’t need to explain to yourself what it means. Read more

If you have never heard about color or light therapy perhaps you may be quite skeptical about our new project. It is called Colorboost and this is a mobile application that incorporates some of research findings and methodology of color therapy into handy mobile interface. Read more

May 12, 2014

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