Stanfy is Included into Top iPhone Application Developers Leaders Matrix by Sourcing Line

Stanfy was recognized among Top iPhone Application Developers in Market Leaders area according to Sourcing Line’s Leaders Matrix methodology.

The Leaders Matrix leverages proprietary research and methodology to identify top services firms and map their capabilities. Companies are plotted on the matrix based on their proven ability to deliver and focus on a service type. Bubble size indicates relative size of the firms.

The Leaders matrix has two key dimensions, Ability to Deliver and Focus.

The “Ability to Deliver” dimension is composed of three top level evaluation criteria, each with several key metrics. Each provider is scored from 1 to 10 on each metric with the values rolled-up to the top level evaluation criteria then an overall score for Ability to Deliver.

The “Focus” dimension is composed of one to three levels of self-reported criteria. Providers submit quantitative data on their areas of focus, essentially the percentage of the work they do in key areas. While having some of the common limitations of self-reporting, the methodology requires a firm to quantify their focus and does not allow over reporting in multiple areas. For example, if a firm spends 80% of their time on Web Development, they could not report a similar value for Mobile Application Development.

This iPhone award follows TOP 15 Android developers by Sourcing Line and TOP 5 Android Application  developers by Best Web Design Agencies, so we really happy to see our 2013 works noticed and recognized.

December 18, 2013