SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup #3. Practical Tips to Grow Your Mobile Audience

Our third meetup was dedicated to user acquisition strategies for your mobile startup. With hundreds of thousands of apps competing for the user attention in the mobile stores it is a tough challenge to make your app user base grow: how to share it with the world, how and where to find a sustainable source of customers.

David Truong and Martin Shen shared their experience on the customer acquisition and growth. You can check their presentation under the cut.

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David Truong (@davetea)

David shared the story of how he reached 400k downloads for iOS educational game. David emphasised that the most important thing is to create a quality product that users love.

To achieve this you should speak and listen to your early users and adjust your product regularly. Often updates, following App Store Marketing Guidelines and utilising Apple’s latest innovations help to grow app user base. Among paid acquisition experiments the most effective was Facebook mobile ad.

Martin Shen (@martinshen)

Martin revealed interesting numbers on paid acquisition budgets and KPIs. For instance reasonable CPI for FB advertising should be $0.75 – $7. He gave many valuable tips on things that work like push notifications and App Store optimisation, and things that don’t work – using QR codes or hosting events.

March 4, 2014

SFME Meetup