New Project Release: Adsenser iPhone Application

AppStore is full of iPhone applications that are integrated with the services for monitoring the performance of your online businesses (Google Analytics, Adsense, Adwords, Flurry etc). In most cases, you will find them cluttered with tables, data and different filters that sometimes are really odd if you just want to check one or two main metrics.

As opposed to such applications we created Adsenser iPhone app – it is simple, clean and it fills the real need. Adsenser allows you to view and track your AdSense revenue in the real time. With it help you can easily check the monthly and previous days revenue, impressions, clicks and CTR data

Adsenser iPhone application design and development

Using visual coding app helps you quickly grab most essential data about your AdSense performance and focus only on metrics that are matter.

Adsenser iPhone application design and development

Adsenser was created for a promising New York entrepreneur and now available in AppStore.

By Anna Iurchenko

September 27, 2013