Meet the Stanfy Team: Nick, QA Engineer

This is the first of a series of posts about the Stanfy team. See behind the scenes at our office and meet the awesome team who makes everything we do possible.


Nick Tkachuk at STanfy

Hi, I’m Nick, I’ve been working as a QA on numerous projects for about 10 years now.

I’ve been working as an Automation, Performance, and Manual QA engineer, did some time working as a Team Lead and have some experience mentoring interns.

In this post I will tell a bit about my role at Stanfy, share some practices and tools I’m using at work.

My role in the team

I came to Stanfy to take on the role of a manual QA for one of the Stanfy projects, but currently I’m preparing to become the QA team lead. In both cases my job is to ensure that our client is getting the product of the proper quality.

In particular, I work both with the iOS and Android teams on the Keypr project, and right now we are preparing to release the whole ecosystem, which includes iOS and Android solutions for hotel networks. My current scope of tasks includes maintaining test cases, adding new test scenarios, running regression testing, verifying completed tasks, integration testing and well, all the usual routine tasks every QA does.

Nick at Stanfy office

I’m currently working on

I’m involved in the testing of two projects now, and there are two more to come. We are using an agile software development approach with some adjustments for our projects. Basically the process may be a little different for every project. For example, on one of the projects every new feature is delivered in a separate build, which includes only this feature; thus we are running two cycles of testing, basic verification and integration tests for every feature we have. On another project we have separate channels of product distribution, and that changes things a lot.

Team meetings

When there are no avalanches coming our way, we usually have a standard set of meetings: daily standups, demos, retrospectives, etc. Most of our day-to-day team communication occurs in HipChat. When there is some fire that we need to put out really quickly (which doesn’t happen that often), communication becomes the key to solving the issues and then all means are used, like Hangouts, Skype conferences, etc.

Keypr team meeting

Tools I’m using

The basic tool set is rather typical: Jira, Confluence, TestRail, Xcode, iOSconsole, ADB. We are also using some elastic products, crashlytics and logentries.

Working with the ecosystem that we currently have on the project requires the ability to often use proxy, to be able to know which part of the system is responsible for a bug. I use the BURP suite for this purpose.

Also having such a system requires having test cases, so I’m currently using TestRail, which is a rather comfortable tool, especially since it has Jira integration plugins, and a nice test automation integration.

That’s what my day at work looks like

My morning usually starts with checking my inbox and messages in HipChat and that keeps me up to date and in sync with the team, especially with the people on the team who are currently working in the US. Then I have a cup of coffee and a quick smoke break and then set to work, preparing and executing test runs in TestRails.

Today I was supposed to run a post-deployment regression suite for all our components, but due to unexpected behaviour on the backend and some critical bugs, I’ll just keep going through common verifications and test case maintenance.

I usually have a quick lunch at the closest cafe, a small talk with one of my colleagues to keep our brains in shape, and a 10 minute meditation to keep focused on what is important.

In the afternoon I switch to another project, doing verifications and some integration testing. I have a set of tasks in Jira, which are either verified using separate builds, or are bugs that were considered fixed, with comments for the management and development team to look at. Most of the tasks are reproducible using the latest build with the latest back-end state. So I have to reproduce them all, one by one, and write another general comment for all the tasks.

During the breaks I’m usually watching some of the motivational TEDx videos, or the online courses for the future QA leads.

In the evening I have two standup meetings and a quick call with the client, figuring out the plan for tomorrow.

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December 3, 2015

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