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Stanfy News

Stanfy Turned 8!

Congrats to us! This month our small company turned 8. Some call it a lucky number, we believe it’s almost equal to infinity! That’s why our birthday party went under the Infinity sign – it was everywhere. Our guys tuned on all their creativity to integrate “the magic 8” into their image. Check it out in the photo report!

News Applications Research: How Get Users’ Loyalty

News Category at applications market became hot from the early beginning. We decided to make a research of the most successful apps and their tools to engage users. The research is cool and free to download!

RealPixels – Our Own Product For Designers

RealPixels is Dropbox images viewer – it allows to see the image on any Android device in real size. We’ve created this small Android app for using inside Stanfy and it really made life of our designers easier. Now we want your life to become easier too :)

Insigts for statups from the Silicon Valley.

Our Marketing Director Yulia Dmytryshyn proceeding with sharing great ideas for startups. This month’s useful selection includes:

Industry News

We Are Living In A Mobile-centric World

As our world transitions from being desktop-centric to mobile-centric, the rules of the game are changing very rapidly. Mobile users become more and more demanding. That’s why, the role of design is growing, and perception of HTML5 in mobile app development is changing. Bill Gurley, a Silicon Valley VC,  known for his successful investments in OpenTable, Uber, and many others, shared his opinion on new challenges and new trends that emerge.

Tracking Mobile Users: Tell Me Everything About You

Smartphones accompany us every minute of our lives. Even when we are not actually using them, smartphones are still collecting lots of data about us. Is it good or bad? Well, it is both: a blessing a curse. On the one hand, it can be viewed as an invasion of privacy, but on the other hand it can stimulate useful habits and change behaviour patterns. Check out this article on the new trends and raising issues of our quantifiable mobile future.

The Latest Trends In Mobile Commerce

We’ve attended Mobile Commerce World conference, which recently took place in San Francisco. Here are the main topics which were discussed at the event and then buzzed in social networks:

  • Mobile technology: The next silent salesperson
  • Your consumer is smarter and connected 24/7 now. New playing field for retailers
  • How do you market to mobile consumers? Personalize, customize and make it timely
  • Building brand loyalty is not about loyalty program, it’s about understanding user needs.

Read the full story from the event in our blog.

Will Cars Be Ahead Of The Next Mobile Revolution?

Experts predict our daily things will be the source of the next mobile breakthrough. It’s clear that the next mobile revolution will happen outside of smartphones, and most experts associate it with cars. Auto producers and tech companies, as well as mobile developers have already made several steps in this direction, but will this become the next big thing? Let’s take a look at some stats.

Join us at events in San Francisco this August:

  • AngelLaunch –  event for connecting startups to investors, August, 1
  • Startup Grind – startup community meetup, August, 6
  • TiE Startup Pitchfest – startups elevator pitch event, August, 13
  • MVP Clinic – event dedicated to Minimal Viable Product development, August, 16

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August 2, 2013