Printable Templates for iOS or Android Interface Sketching

Pen and paper are still one of the best tools to explain and execute your ideas. You can sketch an application interface in a few minutes, discuss it with your team and even test it with the potential users. While working on mobile apps, we sketch a lot.

Especially for this case, we created printable templates with iPhone, iPad and Android frames that will help you rapidly bring your ideas to life.

Please feel free to download any template below and use it for rapid prototyping of your future iOS or Android application (available both in International and US Paper sizes).

iPhone 5 Prototyping Template

iPhone 4 Prototyping Template

Android Prototyping Template

By Anna Iurchenko

November 6, 2014
  • Karan Vasudeva

    These are fantastic. Thanks for making them available!

  • Polarbear13

    Thank you VERY much, most appreciated.