Best Calendar Apps for Pebble

Whether you or your customers use the Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch, Pebble or any other smartwatch, you will discover that wearable devices can do a rather good job.  However, they can perform much better with a couple of handy apps so you can take out your phone less often. The Google Play store is now offers dozens of apps for your Pebble smartwatch. Apparently, some of those are junk, but there are also plenty of useful ones. Below, you’ll find a selection of the calendar apps that fall into the latter group.

You might think all calendar apps are created equally, but that’s not really the case. Especially, if we are  talking about calendar apps for smartwatches. Moreover, if you frequently find yourself rushing from one meeting to the next one and live your life by a set of deadlines, having a functional and reliable calendar app can make a big difference, right? Here we gathered top-FIVE  calendar apps for smatwatch that we consider the smartest ones. Predictably, some of them are among the best rated apps on  the Google Play.  This overview will be helpful for those who are looking for a nice calendar app for their smartwatches as well as for those who consider  development their own calendar app.

1. Calendar for Pebble (Android)



This is an interactive month-view calendar for the Pebble Watch, which syncs with the calendars on the user’s Android device. Its main feature is an agenda of events that shows an event date, title, start time and end time(though event titles can be limited only to one, two, or three text  lines). Developers of this calendar app argue that it is extremely customizable. It can be conveniently installed on the Pebble Watch as a watchface or an watch-app. Both watchface and watch-app versions can be installed simultaneously and each have their own settings for style and for particular events to be displayed.

User’s reviews (3.9 rate on Google Play):

Matthew Carothers: A decent app, but could be great. The watch app crashes more often than it doesn’t when opening an event’s details. Would be nice to have an option for opening an event on the phone or opening Google Maps for event location on the phone from the pebble. Agenda view wastes the precious screen space by listing dates between every event, even if these events are on the same day.

Wayne Starick: Crash crash crash. Shows events but every time I try to open an event to see the details it just crashes.

2. Pebble Agenda Watchface (Pebble OS version 2.0 and up)



The Pebble Agenda Watchface app works only with PebbleOS version 2.0 or more advanced ones. It shows next appointments from the user’s Android calendar on the Pebble smartwatch. Google Play’s description of this app ensures that with plugins it can also show a lot of other useful stuff. Let’s take a deeper look.

The app tells time, date, weekday, and low battery level. It exhibits all-day events with a starting time and location. Users should flick his/her wrist to scroll down the calendar. There are some opportunities to upgrade this application with help of plugin mechanism. For example, the user can add tasks and notifications.

User’s reviews (4.5 rate on Google Play):

Derek da Costa: Must have for every Pebble! Does exactly as promised, provides a quick view of your upcoming events and appointments (and now plugins, weather, to do list). The app is extremely customizable, allowing you to change everything from the amount of info displayed, date and time formatting, to  font sizes, and more! The developer is extremely responsive and has worked hard to provide useful features and settings.

Chris Whittle: All I need! Perfect for a quick glance at my calendar without having to check my phone.

3. Glance for Pebble (Android)



The Pebble Glance for the Pebble Watch is one of the most popular apps with  over 50,000 daily users. Being voted as a top Android app in the Pebble App Challenge, it shows in a handy fashion  the current time, date and weather. It offers also tasker integration, calendar entries and notifications: unread SMS, Gmail and missed calls. The app even allows the user to send some pre-configured SMS messages and read recent SMS. As we see, the Glance for Pebble can be much more that a simple calendar. This app only works with a companion watchapp available for downloads online (to be honest, which is not very convenient) and only with Android.

User’s reviews (4.4 rate on Google Play):

Kyle B: Really like this Pebble app. The SMS quick replies are an excellent feature and the custom watch faces are nice. I wouldn’t mind seeing support for a few more email clients in the future, maybe Outlook and Yahoo. Glance has allowed my to customize my Pebble nearly 100% to my liking. Overall, a great job by the devs!

Mark Sullivan: Glance is what makes Pebble great and I wouldn’t be nearly as happy with my watch without this app. While it takes some technical skill to get it to behave right, it’s all worth the time. Well done Glance team!

4. My Calendar (iOS and Android)



My Calendar is probably the latest calendar app for the Pebble smartwatch. This “steaming hot” app from the Stanfy developers team is distinctive from other similar apps thanks to its special features. My Calendar displays 3 nearest events from the user’s Google calendar – just login to your Google calendar in app settings and you are ready to go. My Calendar app works with iOS and Android, no companion app required (yay!). There is an indication of an upcoming event (in less than 10 minutes), digital clock, current date, battery charge and bluetooth indication. Just select the button and you will fetch events immediately.

User’s reviews – fresh app, no reviews so far.


Having performed a quick review of the best calendar apps for smartwatch, it becomes easier to determine some particular requirements for this type of apps:

  1. Simplicity of design and readability. Wearables have tiny displays, that is why the best apps should make it easy to understand calendar data or notifications at just a one glance.

  2. More than just a simple calendar. To have at least one additional feature such as events notification or task manager is an essential element of a really useful app for the Pebble smartwatch.

  3. Compatibility. The best calendar apps (as well as other types of  apps) should be compatible with iOS and Android simultaneously, no companion app (especially some paid one!) required.  The user’s comfort is a priority.

If you have any questions about app development for wearables, get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!


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November 5, 2014