Application Development for Wearables: Stanfy Experience. Interview with Andrew Garkavyi for

Clutch, a Washington, DC-based independent technology research firm, recently started a series of interviews with mobile developers about app design and development for wearable platforms.  Since Stanfy was one of the first companies to start developing apps for smartwatches, and later was named a top wearable app developer, we were among the first companies to speak with Clutch.

ANdrew Garkavyi, CEO at Stanfy

In the interview, our CEO Andrew Garkavyi talked about our most interesting projects for Pebble smartwatch and Apple Watch, and described the process of designing and developing three wearable applications: MagicFace, MyCalendar, and Waterbalance.

Andrew shared some insights about the development process and development challenges, and reflected on the lessons learned.

As Stanfy was one of the first companies who started developing apps for Pebble and the Apple Watch, the challenges that the team encountered were both exciting and restricting, because the development process required anticipating how consumers would use wearable applications.

You cannot treat a wearable application as a replacement for a phone: you cannot simply transfer the functions from the phone to the wearable. … When we started building the Apple Watch app, we had to analyse at what time, in what places, and in what situations people would be using the application on the device.

Andrew also gave a piece of advice to companies that are considering embracing wearable technology in the future:

When you’re building something new, it is important that you don’t try to create an app just to have an app on a new platform. Try to develop a unique use case.

Read the full interview here.

November 11, 2015