Android for Startups: Get a FREE Consultation from Stanfy

Are you a startup? Thinking of an Android app? Not sure where to start?

Let’s start with a consultation from our Android team! Out leading experts in Android UI/UX, design and engineering are open for a mobile consultancy to analyze your business goals, user needs and shape the vision of a future app. We are happy to combine our experience in mobile design in engineering with your startup idea to create truly valuable mobile product for the users. What’s more, we are ready to do it for FREE!

We’ve been developing Android applications for more than six years. Here at Stanfy, know how tricky and challenging this platform could be. Thus, we want to help startups to form a vision of the stunning and valuable Android product. We are ready to work as startup advisers and consultants and guide them through the whole process of app development, starting from ideation, UI/UX, design, engineering and up to publication in the market. That’s why we’re offering this great opportunity.

 ~ Pavel Bashmakov, CEO and co-founder of Stanfy.

Finally, Android is coming out of the Apple’s shadow and rapidly conquers the market. Android is truly the future, and that’s where you should aim to hit success. Every day more than one million users power up their Android devices – and start looking for new apps, they are eager for fresh ideas and new solutions.

Together we can offer them some great mobile apps! It’s high time to go on Android!
April 25, 2013
  • Hi,

    My name is Pinyi and I like the works of your team.

    I’m working on a personal project called Swiiish which I designed the UI of the app for iOS myself with Photoshop and want to know the options to have your team help me turn it into an iOS app.

    Please let me know the process, fees and maybe we could have some business from there.



  • Yuliya Dmytryshyn

    Hi Pinuy,

    Thanks for reaching out. Just shot you a not on LInkedIn. Will be glad to help you with your app.