Always Be Organized With Our New App MyCalendar For Pebble

The Smartwatches industry is, undoubtedly, one of the hottest and fastest growing  in wearables now, attracting the attention and interest of both users and hardware and software startups. Only in 2013, 40 companies launched smartwatches sold around 3,1 million units, and these numbers predict a remarkable growth rate in the coming years.

While smartwatches are becoming more and more popular, most users are looking for useful applications that would be helpful in their everyday life and would turn their watch into their smart assistant. Besides showing time, smartwatches can help you be organized and productive. It is this thought which motivated the Stanfy team to start work on the development of a new application for Pebble smartwatch.

As our first experiment with an app for Pebble smartwatch was fun and success, we decided to continue our experiments.

The idea stage

Our idea was born at the moment when we were looking for a good calendar app for Pebble. Calendar is probably one of the most popular and demanded applications, that is why there are multiple variants on the Pebble market you can choose from. Despite that, we have not found the one that is as handy as it could be and сould easily solve our problem – syncing Google calendar with Pebble. So we thought, why not create one?

As a result, the Stanfy team became excited about the idea of creating a calendar app that would synchronize with Google Calendar and show the upcoming events, so you never miss an important meeting!


We came up with a very simple and cool application that shows three nearest events from your Google calendar. It is a great time management and productivity tool that will be always with you, right on your wrist.

My Calendar also displays a digital clock, the current date, battery charge and bluetooth сonnection. It does not require a companion app.

You can download MyCalendar from Pebble market.

November 6, 2014