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We help startups and existing businesses create meaningful mobile Applications.

Our expertise covers iOS, Android Applications, Android customization, Apps for Apple Watch, Android Wear, Pebble Smart Watch and other wearable electronics.

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iOS Development

To succeed in the App Store today you must deliver absolutely the best experience to end users! Apps should be perfectly designed, intuitive, responsive, and fulfill user needs. We are ready to work as your adviser and consultant to guide you through the whole process of mobile app development, starting from ideation, UI/UX, design, engineering and right up to publication in the market. Our experienced iOS engineers will help you to shape your vision of a future iPhone or iPad app.


Usually, the iOS platform is the #1 priority for many mobile app development projects. We have been furnishing our clients with robust, technically proficient and aesthetically attractive iOS apps for iPhone and iPad since 2009. We successfully implemented projects on the following fronts: Lifestyle, Education, Health & Fitness, Photo & Video, Finance, Social Networking, Travel, Entertainment and more.

Today our team has experience in providing full-cycle app development, starting from ideation and idea validation and including UI/UX, design, engineering, testing and publication in the AppStore. The process also includes analytics, crash reporting tools and bug reporting tools. Creating our own internal tools and libraries helps us to make development even more efficient and fast.

Typically, each iOS project is operated by a separate team that includes two iOS engineers, a project manager, UX and UI designers, and QA specialists. They all are qualified and experienced specialists that are constantly developing their skills and industry expertise. The proof of their qualifications is their active participation in professional conferences and webinars.

Our iOS engineers can solve almost any problem and bring the most ambitious projects to life. They have experience working with such high-tech tasks as audio processing, geolocation, video processing and animation. The well-knit team of dedicated, innovative experts allows us to provide high quality app development services to our clients and create customized mobile applications for businesses around the world as client contentment is always our topmost priority.

We, at Stanfy believe that actions are more important than words, and that is why a glance at our page on GitHub will tell you more about our work and expertise. Our portfolio boasts a number of successful apps that we are proud of. All of them are intuitive, responsive and perfectly designed. We are committed to delivering the best experience to end users.

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Android Development

We started Android application development in 2009 after the platform expanded globally. When working with us you don’t have to worry about Android platform fragmentation and different screen resolutions - your app will be carefully tested and will work seamlessly on the most popular Android devices. Our team can develop an Android app for your mobile product from scratch or help your iOS app easily migrate to the Android platform. When porting to Android, we use native components and Android design.


We started Android application development in 2009 and since that time have developed and launched a bunch of successful apps. Our team gained experience in the implementation of complex projects in different categories, including Lifestyle, Education, Health & Fitness, Media & Video, Photography, Finance, Social, Shopping, Travel & Local, Entertainment and others. We have also worked with high-tech tasks: audio processing, geolocation, video processing and animation. Each project gave us precious experience.

Today Stanfy offers mobile solutions on a user-friendly Android interface with a wide range of content. We provide full-cycle mobile app development, from idea to launch, treat each project as a unique one and do our best to ensure its success; that is one of the main principles of our work.

Our typical process in an Android app creation includes the research stage, design, development, release and support. Additionally, when developing apps, we integrate analytics, crash reporting tools and bug reporting tools. Working on the Android apps for our clients, we also create internal tools and libraries that help us to speed up development and make it more efficient. A complex approach allows us to achieve the best results in terms of the final product.

Each project has a dedicated team, which usually consists of a project manager, UX and UI designers, 2 Android engineers and a QA specialist. There are experienced professionals in our Android team that are truly devoted to what they are doing. They are constantly widening their knowledge and expertise, as well as sharing their experience when speaking at professional conferences, writing articles and holding webinars.

We have a page on GitHub where we share our works and expertise. Our portfolio includes a number of successful cases and applications that we are proud of. For example, our Waterbalance app which we created in 2012 is now one of the 5 best apps in its category. More than one million people worldwide have downloaded this app.

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There is no doubt that wearables, like smartphones or tablets, will become a mass product in the future - experts expect that by 2018 there will be 561 million wearable devices in use globally. The most popular among them are Android Wear, Pebble and Apple Watch. We already have started to design and develop apps for those platforms, including other wearable electronics and are ready to enhance your iOS or Android products with polished wearable applications!


One of the most exciting discovery of the last few years is wearable technology. Wearables are probably the most interesting new products now that took just a couple of years to win huge popularity among users and developers. Today the number of wearable devices and applications for them is growing exponentially.

We at Stanfy believe that we should always stay ahead of the times and explore new technology in order to better service our clients. That is why our team was one of the first which set about developing applications for wearables. Keeping in mind that development on new platforms is a complex and at the same time fascinating challenge, Stanfy has a dedicated team of wearable technology engineers who already have a considerable amount of experience in this area. The team has already started designing and developing applications for Pebble smartwatches, Google Glasses, Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.

We have developed several applications for Pebble as internal projects. For example, the Application MagicFace for Pebble is a nice version of a good old Magic 8-Ball from our childhood that helps us make hard decisions. The application gives the user a magic prediction with an easy tap or shake of the hand. Magic Face additionally displays the time, as well as battery level, and bluetooth connection. This was our first wearable project and we were happy to present it to Pebble's early adopters.

My Calendar is another very simple and cool application for Pebble smartwatch. It shows the three nearest events from your Google calendar. It helps you to stay organized and never miss important events. My Calendar shows upcoming events, a digital clock, the current date, battery charge and bluetooth сonnection. It doesn't require a companion app.

App development for smartwatches creates large opportunities for businesses, and we at Stanfy are always ready to help our clients to make the most of the new industry.

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UX and Graphic Design

Great user experience design is the soul of a great app and it keeps people coming back. At Stanfy, UX and graphic design are something we lay a major emphasis upon. We believe that the best applications are handy and simple to use, yet functional and stylish.


UX design can be the reason for a user’s delight or dismay. That's why we have a team of superior mobile designers that are seriously picky about how actual users will interact with an app and what will hook them. We are not the people who will just graft your website onto a mobile app, because we know that users feel the difference. When your customers enjoy all touch points across your mobile app, you’ll gain competitive advantages by diminishing customer outflow, expanding conversion and escalating loyalty and advocacy.

Great design often brings out the best in the app programmers, too. We have always believed that there should be close-knit cooperation between the design and programming teams to develop the application you dream about. Alongside the design and development, we have a team of managers who are responsible for facilitating communication to make the design process absolutely efficient and smooth. We’re committed to engaging with our clients through every single step of the design and development, and at Stanfy, we understand that the process doesn’t end when your app is released. We always offer our clients professional assistance after the release in order to maintain profitability.

Our app design process begins with the client’s needs. Clients’ goals vary, and we’re committed to developing a truly customized experience, resulting in a streamlined application that works the way you need it to. We learn about your company and what makes your business unique. We also keep in mind your goals and your target audience. And then we design and develop an app that speaks directly to your customers.

Our design process usually includes: market research, analysis of user behavior and needs, requirements engineering, user interaction, visual design, prototyping, and usability testing.

At Stanfy, we offer mobile app design and development inclusive of the entire process. From rough ideation to polished application release, Stanfy is here for you. Contact us anytime to learn more about how we can help.

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Android Forked

If your business needs a flexible and affordable mobile solution, we have experience in customizing Android to meet your goals in retail businesses, hotels, restaurants, or other areas of the service or manufacturing industries. Our experienced team is able to deliver effective solutions for your needs. You can have your unique design of different Android parts, special security for your business, personalized experience for your users or your own unique features integrated into operating system.


The Android platform is known for its easy deploying, adaptability and openness. Today, Android seems to be the only mobile open-source OS that is used for business needs.

That is why forked Android isn’t something new or rare. For example, Amazon has been modifying Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for its Kindle tablets, because it was necessary for swapping out standard Google Android services and features for its own app design and other features. Besides, it has been common in Asian countries, primarily for cheap devices. Overall, AOSP’s growth is led by the development of Chinese and Indian handset manufacturers.

If your business needs a flexible and affordable mobile solution, we also have experience in customizing Android to meet your goals in retail, hotels, restaurants, or other areas of the service or manufacturing industries. Our team of experienced Android engineers, project managers, UX and UI designers and QA specialists are able to deliver effective solutions for your needs. You can have your unique design of different Android parts, special security for your business, personalized experience for your users or your own unique features integrated into the operating system.

There are different types of custom-building of the Android operating system. One of the most popular approaches is to modify Google’s mobile OS so that some of its fundamental principles change, allowing new ways of using it to achieve business goals. That’s where we at Stanfy have gained valuable experience.

Stanfy team has a successful experience of realization of a complex Android forked project called Keypr. The idea of the project was to bring custom mobile solutions to hotels worldwide with the help of Keypr Android tablets. Our team was working with the official Android Open Source Project, or AOSP supported by Google for building the software for hotel in-room tablets.

Android forked projects can be difficult or time-consuming, but the business opportunity outweighs the technical challenges of the development process. Our experienced and talented team of Android engineers can implement the most challenging and ambitious ideas.

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Our Approach

Discovery Phase

First we define an initial concept of your app that meets your business goals and satisfies users' needs. We dig deep into your business objectives and work together to bring the core problem to the surface. Once the problem is identified we conduct a brainstorming session to solve it. We think big and move fast, we bring cutting-edge mobile and wearable design experience to your project.

UX and Visual Design Phase

When we have defined an app concept and understood its target audiences and main use cases, it is time to go to the design stage. Here we work on interactive user interface (UI) wireframes which allow us to examine app usability and interactions and through several iterations achieve the best user experience (UX). Once we are happy with the UX and UI we create a beautiful, unique visual design for your app.

Development and Release Phase

In development we stick to the Agile approach which allows you to get a working product very early and be able to iterate it during the development process. We believe in people over processes, deliverables over extensive documentations, and close collaboration to create an excellent product. As soon as you're satisfied with the current version of the app we launch it in mobile or wearable app stores.

Continuous Improvement and Support

We are ready to work as your partner and consultant to guide you through the whole process of app development, starting from ideation, UX, design, engineering, and continuing through to publication in the market and further support. Once the app is launched we are ready to continue to work with you very closely to ensure its continued success and user satisfaction.